Grid Tie Fronius 7650W Solar Kit


The monthly average power production of this 7650W solar kit is 800kWh, any unused portion of which is fed back into the grid. In other words, total energy generated by this kit is either used by your own consumption requirements or the excess power that you don’t use is fed back into the grid, crediting your electric bill and making your return on this long-term energy investment even more worthwhile!



– 27x 280W Matrix Monocrystalline Solar Panel
– 1x Fronius, Primo 7.6KW String Inverter, ADVANCED
– 1x Fronius Rapid Shut Down Box – Multiple Strings
– 3x 80′ PV/UV Protected 10AWG Cable (One end has pair of MC4 Connectors)
– 60 feet 6AWG RW90 (GRN) Wire (65 Amp Rating)
– 1x Wire Way Kit Pass Through with 3 PV Inputs

*The kit items you receive may vary

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