Grid Tie Fronius 11.2KW Solar Kit


This 11.2KW solar kit features a monthly average power production of 1150kWh per month, with an option to feed unused excess energy back into the grid. An ever-increasing number of power providers offer the option of contributing your unused solar energy back into the grid and will credit you for the energy you contribute.



– 40x 280W Matrix Monocrystalline Solar Panel
– 1x Fronius, Primo 10.0KW String Inverter, ADVANCED
– 1x Fronius Rapid Shut Down Box – Multiple Strings
– 4x 80′ PV/UV Protected 10AWG Cable (One end has pair of MC4 Connectors)
– 60 feet 6AWG RW90 (GRN) Wire (65 Amp Rating)
– 1x Wire Way Kit Pass Through with 4 PV Inputs

*The kit items you receive may vary

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