Barrier X5 Under Concrete Radiant Floor Insulation (100 rolls) 25,600 sq. ft


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Individual Roll Size:  1.25” x 4′ x 64′ (256 SqFt), 10 PSI

The Barrier™ is a high-performance EPS foam underslab insulator and vapor retarder, designed to insulate and retard moisture migration through concrete. The core of the Barrier™ roll is made of flexible, recycled expanded polystyrene that provides the excellent insulation characteristics. This unique core has vapor retarding film laminated to both sides as well as a patented self-taping edge and overlapping flange to make the entire installation seam-free.  High-performance insulation values, cost-saving installation, and unequaled flexibility makes BarrierX5® the most effective underslab insulator and vapor retarder in today’s market!

Durable / Flexible / Walkable
• Waterproof and Vapor-proof
• 100% Expanded polystyrene for real insulating value
• Fast / Easy Installation – significant labor savings
• Seamless – Patented self taping edges reduces thermal bridging

Product Use
Like a foam cup protects your hand from the hot beverage it holds, The Barrier product family protects concrete from heat loss and moisture, especially when used in a radiant heat floor application. The Barrier under concrete insulation is a thermal block which insulates the concrete from the cold and dampness of the ground. The entire product line-up is strong, durable, and will not collapse under the weight of the concrete. Installation is far easier because you can walk on all of them without breaking— plus, the patented seam taping system makes installation fast and efficient.

The Barrier underslab insulation and vapor retarder protects your flooring and other moisture sensitive furnishings in your building’s interior from moisture migration while also providing dual use as an effective insulator.